Helping teams work through conflict with grace using practices that honor individual as well as organizational purpose.


My proprietary 3-step system

Real & impactful change

Using this system, I provide the knowledge to changeconflict behavior, I investigate and remove barriers to change and then I givesupport and reinforcement as new behaviors are adopted.

A.C.E. ensures that:

  • Your organization gets exactly what it needs because one size does NOT fit all
  • Your expertise about your organization is fully leveraged
  • Your learning is fully supported to ensure behavior change

Let the data talk

I will collect information and conduct analysis to explore the areas and causes of discord and disagreement and determine the best path toward resolution for your organization.  

What this allows you to do

  • Better understand what your internal or external communities really need
  • Discover previously unknown sources of conflict
  • Explore conflict resolution strategies proactively in partnership with your internal or external community
  • Provide baseline data to help track the impact of any initiatives aimed at resolution
  • Strengthen internal reports or grant proposals with facts and figures
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Participatory design

I will collaborate with you and your team in my design process resulting in specific, co-created interventions to increase community, meaning and purpose.

Some of the benefits of collaboration:

  • Giving stakeholders a voice to create buy-in
  • Aligning the organization's talk with the organization's walk
  • Building new social capital
  • Ensuring there is common understanding about the goals of intervention and how to achieve them
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Equip your team

Increase your team's conflict competence through the enactment of a program of customized, interactive, online presentations and comprehensive learning materials. Tap into further support through individual conflict coaching.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Solidarity of group learning
  • Self-paced modules for convenience and increased efficiency
  • Reinforcement during the toughest part of the behavior change process
  • Measurable engagement and improvement
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Entities I've worked with

Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean State logobig-brother-big-sister-logojudiciary-of-trinidad-and-tobago-logovalmont-logo
"Dr. Gonzales is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her open and engaging style encourages participants to dig deep. Dr. Gonzales nudges individuals and groups to move forward on challenging topics in a way that feels both safe and productive."