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Let's get you and your team comfortable with navigating conflict.

Dr. Kathy's Classroom
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What I love about teaching is that it is as much a learning experience for me as it is for my students. Every step in the process- from creating the content to final assessment- gives me the opportunity to discover something new about myself, my subject or my world.

If you participate in one of my workshops or coures, you will be in an environment that is responsive to your learning needs. You will be engaged by relevant content taught in a way that provides the rigor you need to grow and the fun you need to enjoy the experience.

The Huddle

In 2023, this three-day virtual gathering will give decision-makers, innovators, thinkers, and relationship builders the opportunity to get down in the weeds and examine, from a systems perspective, how non-profits and social enterprises, particularly those in the Caribbean region, can adapt to the post-pandemic world.

If you want to know more about what conflicts might be encountered and what frameworks and engagement strategies can be applied to those conflicts, this is the gathering for you.

Who's it for

  • Decision-makers from the non-profit and social enterprise world
  • Decision-makers from the for-profit world  who are open to learning lessons from the experience of those working in another organizational model
  • Innovators who want to understand and play a role in resolving complex issues facing the Caribbean region
  • Networkers looking to connect with others who have similar passion around this topic with the possibility of future collaborations

What's included

  • Participants assigned to small groups for support and accountability
  • Opportunities for socializing and community-building
  • Access to exclusive videos and articles to encourage your continued development
  • One-on-one session 3 months post event to check in on how you are applying what you learned and to help you remove roadblocks
  • Surprise treats to enhance your virtual attendee experience.

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"Dr. Gonzales is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her open and engaging style encourages participants to dig deep. Dr. Gonzales nudges individuals and groups to move forward on challenging topics in a way that feels both safe and productive."

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