Peacemaking at Work

Jul 1, 2022
6 weeks
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If all roads lead to your door when conflict flares up in your organization, this is the course for you. Increase your skills as a workplace resolver.


Conflict in the workplace is guaranteed, even a workplace in which the mission is a social benefit. This course will leave you able to identify the causes of conflict, frame the issue as a joint problem to be solved, and use a varierty of strategies to help arrive at resolution making you a valuable asset to your organization.

Who's it for

  • Team members who always find themselves playing the part of conflict resolvers (you know who you are!) and want to level up their natural skills
  • Team members who want to learn to play the part of conflict resolvers
  • Managers & supervisors
  • Human Resource professionals

What's included

  • Opportunities for experiential learning
  • Two 30-minute sessions with the intructor during the course
  • Downloadable content
  • List of resources
  • 30-minute follow up progress check after the course