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Making Meetings Matter Series

4 Sessions over 4 Thursdays to give you an entirely new perspective on meetings. Next workshop dates TBA.

Whether in person or virtual, meetings are an important organizational conflict management tool. Let me help you become a meeting maven.


We have all sat through that meeting in which the content could have been covered in an email or, there was no organization or, nothing was accomplished after hours of talk and also, if we're being honest, after hours of tension. Un-fun to say the least!

In this interactive 4-part online workshop series you'll learn how to effectively design and run successful meetings so that tensions and conflicts are managed early – leading to improved organizational performance.

We will cover:

  • The principles of good meeting design to prevent the symptoms of bad meetings from worsening and making your organization sick
  • How to use the principles to plan a meeting that can address conflict in its early stages
  • How to create a plan for your next meeting
  • The answers to frequently asked questions about bad meetings and how to make meetings better

Imagine people looking forward to a meeting that you host! 🤯

Who's it for

These workshops are for you if you regularly lead meetings at your organization or you want to show leadership in meetings in which you are a participant. I'm talking to all you consultants, team leaders, HR professionals, managers, board members and heads of committees out there! I see you trying to level up your skills!

I'll introduce you to the basics of good in-person (and virtual) meeting design so that the meetings you host in future will be more organized, productive, and engaging.

What's included

  • 6 contact hours total
  • Virtual networking
  • Downloadable materials
  • A list of resources
  • Free 30-minute follow-up online group session one month after workshop

Upon completion, you will leave understanding how a good meeting can prevent, reduce or resolve organizational conflict, knowing the key principles of good meeting design, and armed with a draft plan to make your next meeting matter!

This is an engaging, interactive 4-part workshop series led by an expert teacher that will give you the tools to immediately make your VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON meeting life more efficient, and enjoyable.


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All 4 workshops in the Making Meetings Matter series:

Workshop 1

Meetings as an organizational conflict management tool

Workshop 2

Secrets of the effective online meeting unveiled

Workshop 3

To meet or not to meet, let’s answer that question!

Workshop 4

Stopping boredom by introducing creativity

Dr Kathy Gonzales

Kathy is an experienced conflict management professional and educator with a focus on non-profits and social enterprises. She shares the tools and processes to enable organisations align their actions with their vision, ultimately increasing their impact and effectiveness.