Tales Lead to Sales: What's your story?

Jul 1, 2022
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Learn how the power of storytelling can be harnessed to make people sit up and take notice of your non-profit or social enterprise.


Creating a meaningful narrative can shape, or reshape, how people think and feel about a situation. In this workshop you will learn how to tell the story of your organization in a way that is compelling and opens up opportunities for you with your audience.

We will cover:

  • the purpose of stories
  • the elements of a good story
  • co-creation with the audience
  • how to apply good storytelling technique to your organization

Who's it for

  • Those who work with the donors
  • Those who write the grant applications
  • Those who do the marketing

What's included

  • Four hour interactive session
  • Opportunities for experiential learning
  • Downloadable content
  • Resource list